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How to choose between S-Trap or P-Traps for my toilet bowl?

by Bathroom Guru 07 Dec 2022

A toilet bowl trap is an important part of the drainage system for a toilet. It prevents wastewater from flowing back into the toilet. A new toilet bowl can be expensive, so it's important to know what you're looking for before you buy one.

Toilet bowl traps are commonly classified into two types.

Namely the P trap or S trap type.

Refer to the image below

How to choose between S-Trap or P-Traps for my toilet bowl?

P traps are common in condos and landed homes because private developers would occasionally put the drainage hole through the wall. S trap  t The drainage pipe is normally built on the ground in most HDB home Singapore.

An advantage of having this trap is that if larger items will accidentally fall in the toilet, they will remain in the S-trap. Somehow, families with babies and young children may find this feature of the S-trap useful.

Most people will ask us which one to choose. The answer will be determined by the size of the roughing. The size determines which water closets you can choose from.

How to choose between S-Trap or P-Traps for my toilet bowl?


Most suppliers will have roughing size for s trap in 6 inch or 10 inches. For the case above with a roughing size of 5 inches, you should get a s trap wc of 6 inches with a pan collar of 1 inch. The pan collar is a connection pipe to join the sewage hole to the wc outlet. The pan collar size of 1 inch can be use to offset the 6 inch s trap from the wc during installation.

Below is the image of the pan collar

pan coller toilet bowl

Generally, if your sewage hole is on the ground. You will need to get the roughing in size and thereafter you can select the type of wc base on the sizes



One of the things to consider when upgrading your toilet bowl is the type of trap to install. One of the trap's primary tasks is to keep dangerous gases from escaping from the toilet bowl. This is significant because inhaling toxic fumes can kill homeowners. The water in the trap prevents these gases from escaping from the toilet.


When the toilet is not used for an extended period of time, the water inside the traps evaporates. So, what is the difference between the two traps? An S-trap is a trap that connects the toilet output to the sewer system. It is linked to the drainpipe via the floor.


A P-trap, on the other hand, is shaped like the letter P and is connected to the drainage system via an entrance in the wall. Understanding and executing this alone might be difficult, which is why hiring a professional for toilet bowl installation is beneficial.

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